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Mol is attested in at least ten place-names.


On 28 Gor 2011, at 18:23, Eddie Climo wrote:

> On 2011 Gor 28, at 10:41, nicholas williams wrote:
>> The glossary has a headword bacqwards. This should be backwards.
> Mes yma lyes camlytherennans y'th Herlyver KUA a ve dyllys yn 2006,  
> mes nyns us fors awos henna poynt! Yma fowtow yn pup lyver a ve  
> dyllys bythqueth. Dar, my a wor yn ta bos fowtow yn pup lyver oll a  
> wruk-vy dyllys, ren a barf!
>> Under ‘bald’ the glossary gives mol. This is unattested. The  
>> attested words are blogh and pylys
> Ogh, rak meth dhedha! Y re wrussa redya dha Erlyver KUA, Nicholas,  
> may kefyr an offryn-ma:
>>> bald a. môl; blogh; dyvle·w; pylys
> Mes wosa ty dhe gemeres henna ger-rak-ger mes a Nance 1955, ty a  
> omsevys (del hevel) orth redya an offryn yn y Erlyver 1938, yn dan  
> an ger alwheth-ma:
>>> mōl…bald, callow, bare, round topped, hornless; placename  
>>> Mulfra, see brē; D[ialect] "brummal" (bar mōl) "maw", a domed  
>>> corn-mow.
> What Nicholas failed to include in his rather derivative dictionary  
> is the useful information given by Nance that K. mōl is a word  
> reconstructed from Cornish Dialect and from a toponym. It's useful  
> because it allows students to decide whether to use 'mol' or the  
> older, more attested alternatives.
> Nance made efforts in all of his dictionaries (bar the little 1934  
> one) to mark neologisms, loans and calques—not to mention including  
> in the '38 many referenced quotes from the historical corpus. This  
> is a mark of just how thorough he was both as linguist and  
> lexicographer. Not all of his successors (and detractors) have met  
> his high standards, unfortunately.
> All Kernewegoryon today owe him—and the other Cornish scholars who  
> collaborated with him—a great debt of gratitude for their  
> meticulous scholarship. Na vens-y, dasserghys ny vya agan tavas del  
> grysaf.
> Let's have an end to this constant mean-spirited begrudgery,  
> masquerading as linguistical criticism; it has the reek of academic  
> envy, frankly.
> I, for one, have had a bellyful of it.
> Eddie Climo
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