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Which version of the Glossary have you got? It appears to be an older one.
If it spells <Jermany> rather than <Jermani> it is SWF/t (with traditional
graphs) which has word-final <y> rather than <i> for unstressed /?/. 
The later versions of the glossary I have here with me don't list <Jermany>
at all; a more comprehensive dictionary in the SWF should list it, of
Nowhere is it stated that words spelt I the SWF always and without exception
have to be pronounced with stress on the penultimate syllable. To assume
this is mistaken. 
Of course there are words that have the stress fall on the final syllable or
the ante-penultimate, just like in every other variety of RC. A
Cornish-English version of the glossary or a C-E dictionary will show this
in the accompanying phonetic transcriptions. 

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It is good to see that the compilers of the SWF glossary cite two names for
Germany. Almayn is attested once (RD 2148). Germany is used twice by Tregear
(TH 32, 49a) and is also attested in BK: the whelas myns a geffa a bagans in
Germany BK 3231-32. The glossary, however, spells the word <Germany>.
According to the rules of the SWF this is to be pronounced [ger'mani]. Is
this what the compilers mean? Why do they write <Germany> rather than
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