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Sadly true. The SWF glossary has Konsel Kernow (the trad. graph version hasn't converted inside the entries, it seems) and in the next entry cussul.

In Konsel ns is [ns] but presumably in ymons y ns would be [nz].

In cussul how is one to decide which u is [y] and which [u]? And the same question can be asked about curun 'crown'.
When one adds to the ambiguities of the orthography the purism of the sources, the glossary, even with traditional graphs, is a very disheartening read. 

Incidentally traditional Cornish may have used Cùssul to mean 'Council':

hemma ew girryow Kvsell a Nice 'this is the words of the Council of Nicea'  SA 65a
tillar arall e mes Cucell a Nice 'another place from the Council of Nicea' SA 65a.


On 2011 Gor 29, at 11:48, Michael Everson wrote:

> Not at all. I have had the experience of attempting to spell words in SWF/M and SWF/T, in Skeul an Tavas. Even with me, and Ray, and Nicholas working on it we got many things wrong in the first edition, because the spelling isn't coherent and logical, and the only way one can learn when to write <i> and when to write <y> in unstressed syllables is to look every word up in one of George's dictionaries.
> That's not how orthography design should work. 

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