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The word it's used for is actually "battlefield", not "battle" as  
Ipreviously said.  The phrase, at the very end of the letter, reads  
(in Keigwin's own Cornish):

"Reys yn gweal milchamath ny yn Castel Sudley yn dekvas dyth mys  
heddra in blethan myll whegh cans dewghans ha try"  (Given at our  
battlefield at Sudely Castle the tenth day of the month of October in  
the year one thousand six hundred and forty-three).

You may note that I wrote "especially in Tregear" not "solely in  

However, I am not prepared to tolerate being addressed in the terms  
used earlier today.  I never tolerated it from the Emskemynyon, and I  
am not prepared to do so from my own people.  This is the very thing  
that once came within an ace of me abandoning the language and related  
subjects altogether, and succeeds only in dissuading folk from taking  
an interest.  Therefore, I wish to have my name removed from the  
Spellyans list until such time that people can learn some humility and  


On 29 Gor 2011, at 10:00, Hewitt, Stephen wrote:

> Would it be possible to have the whole phrase in which the Hebrew word
> for battle/war is used?
> Steve
> Ken George made the choice to exclude some loanwords from English from
> his dictionaries. But not others. No real rationale for why he likes
> some and dislikes others. I don't think that practice should be
> emulated. In the case of milchamath, well, I'd include it in a
> dictionary, noting its source and rationale. (George, to be fair, does
> the same, though he says "Keigwin seems to have used a Hebrew word by
> mistake", which is implausible. Keigwin certainly wrote the word on
> purpose.)
> I should think that the use of "milchamath" (KS milhamath) would be
> jocular or to make a rhyme in poetry.
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