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I notice that under Course (direction) the glossary gives hyns. This word is unattested in Old, Middle and Late Cornish. It is found only as an element in camhinsic, eunhinsic, kammynsoth.
On the other hand the glossary omits cors, cours, which is attested:

an guyns thagen corse dufa BM 106
Py du y syngough an cours? BK 1380.

Similarly under Colour we find liw, liwyow, but the glossary does not give color, for all that it occurs in three separate texts:

fayr an suyt bryte of colour PC 1684
worth agan payntia ny in mes in colors TH 7a
Colorys cler lun a whekter BK 1712-13.

Under Carpenter the glossary gives ser prenn and a hypothetical RLC ser predn. Ser prenn is a respelling of sairpren in OCV. It is not attested in Middle Cornish. On the other hand carpentour is not mentioned, even though it is attested three times:

masons ha karpentorryon OM 2410
the ol an Karpentoryon OM 2422
ha why carpenters gentyl OM 2557.

Under Chair the glossary gives cador, which is well attested in names of rocks. The ordinary word for 'chair' in the texts, however, is chair, chayr:

cheyrys ha formys plente PC 2229
dus oma ese yth cheer BM 3002
then stall po cheare an scribys han phariseis TH 48a
den vith ioynys the chear pedyr TH 49.

 This word is not mentioned by the glossary.

Under Creator the glossary gives gwrier, creador and furvyer. Gwrier is attested in Middle Cornish. Creador is in OCV. Furvyer is an invention. The word formyer is attested in Middle Cornish. Indeed it occurs it occurs in three different texts:

En tas a nef y'm gylwyr formyer pup tra a vyt gvrys OM 1-2
the orth an formyer guella BM 3881
mear worthyans theis ow formyer CW 1414.

The glossary gives one Middle Cornish word, one Old Cornish term and one complete invention. Formyer, which was clearly, a common word for 'creator' it doesn't cite at all.

Have the compilers really read the texts? 


On 2011 Gor 29, at 16:47, Ray Chubb wrote:

> With regard to the list below, I have used many of these words for years and it never once occurred to me that I was speaking English when I did so.

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