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Gwruthyl is unattested.

The verbal noun is interesting.
We start with the IE root werg-, wreg- seen in English work, wrought and Gk ergon 'deed, work', earlier *wergon.
In Brythonic an adjective *wregto- gives Cornish *gwreith,* gwreyth. This loses the gr in the cluster gwr to become gweyth 'thing wrought, work'.
The verbal noun develops from *wregto- + il-; cf. sevel, leverel. This gives *gwrethyl. 
*Gwrethyl devolops in two ways. Either the rounded off-glide is lost but rounds the stressed syllable > gruthyl.
Or the r is lost (cf. *gwreyth > gweyth) and we get gwethyl. Gwethill is attested twice in CW.
Gul and gwyel, gwyll I take to be variants of gwethyl.
Notice incidentally that the rounded glide after g in gruthyl reappears when the initial is lenited.
wruthyl is attested 18 times.


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> According to Nicholas, «*Gwruthyl» is unattested.

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