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How should issues of legitimacy and authority with regard to the Cornish language be decided? Who is entitled to voice opinions regarding standardisation of our language? Who does the Cornish language represent and who represents the language?

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The CLP is funded from taxation. The CLP is, therefore, answerable to taxpayers, whatever their preferences regarding Cornish orthography. The current hierarchy of main and side forms in the SWF is not sustainable. Why should a taxpayer support a SWF that derogates his/her preferred orthography? Genuine consensus needs to be found, and it is the duty of the CLP to make a genuine effort now to produce a SWF that has real consensual support across the entire Cornish language community. It is clear that the concoction of a handful of self-proclaimed "fluent and effective speakers" does not satisfy the desires, needs and requirements of the greater Cornish language community. Failure by the CLP to address this issue can only lead to trouble in the future.
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 Jon Mills

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