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The CLP is funded from taxation. The CLP is, therefore, answerable to taxpayers, whatever their preferences regarding Cornish orthography. The current hierarchy of main and side forms in the SWF is not sustainable. Why should a taxpayer support a SWF that derogates his/her preferred orthography? Genuine consensus needs to be found, and it is the duty of the CLP to make a genuine effort now to produce a SWF that has real consensual support across the entire Cornish language community. It is clear that the concoction of a handful of self-proclaimed "fluent and effective speakers" does not satisfy the desires, needs and requirements of the greater Cornish language community. Failure by the CLP to address this issue can only lead to trouble in the future.
 Ol an gwella,
 Jon Mills
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 On 2011 Efn 20, at 17:30, nicholas williams wrote:
Would it not be a good idea to insist that experts on Cornish and orthography design be allowed into the meetings?
 To address the linguistic facets of the 2013 review, perhaps. But clearly, expertise in those fields confers no expertise in the other fields that must be addressed, such as the political and social facets of the review.

 And would it not be a good idea to insist that the meetings should include a broad range of Kernewegoryon? Such as those who:
 —teach Cornish,
 —speak Cornish at home, or with their friends, or at a Yeth an Weryn,
 —translate or write in Cornish,
 —publish Cornish in print, or audio, or video, 
 —carry out original field research in Cornish,
 —raise their kids in Cornish,
 —run nursery classes in Cornish, 
 —are learning Cornish.

 Let's not forget that, since language is a priori democratic, it belongs to ALL of us who love the language, lettrys ha lek, onen hag oll, not just to those who claim to be 'experts'. Remember the cry of the Ems-kemmynyon on C24 that the only opinions that matter are those of "fluent and effective speakers." We must be take care not to fall into the same elitist trap.

 Personally, I treat the opinions of 'experts' with the same skepticism as those of anyone else.

 Eddie Climo

 Dr. Jon Mills, 
 University of Kent
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