[Spellyans] NAACLT conference in Isle of Man

Thomas Leigh callanish at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 19:06:12 BST 2011

Cothmans wheg,

I hope this isn't too off-topic for the list. The North American Association
for Celtic Language Teachers will be holding its 2011 conference in the Isle
of Man from 11–13 May. The conference consists primarily of twenty-minute
talks, each followed by a short question and answer session, in the
following or related subject areas:

Methods, techniques, Best Practices in teaching Celtic languages
Incorporating Celtic cultures into the classroom or learning experience
Application of computer technology to Celtic language teaching or research
Pedagogical materials: what works, what doesn't
Topics in Celtic linguistics, sociolinguistics, and Second Language
Acquisition (SLA)
Language policy and planning in the Celtic world
Promotion or appreciation of Celtic languages and cultures

I would be very pleased indeed to have some papers to do with Cornish given
at the conference, as we rarely get any. Is there anyone here who might be
persuaded? (Of course, giving a paper is not a prerequisite for attending,
and anyone who is interested is most welcome to come!)

I've attached the poster for the conference as a PDF file. I'd be grateful
if any list members would be willing to help spread the word a bit.
Especially as this year's conference is "in the neighbourhood", so to speak!
Further information about the conference and about NAACLT can be found at

Gromercy dhewgh!

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