[Spellyans] An Beybel Sans in Kernowek

Ken MacKinnon ken at ferintosh.org
Thu Mar 24 12:41:31 GMT 2011

Keslowena meur dheugh-why-oll !

I must send my heartiest congratulations to you all and especially to 
Nicholas on this magnificent effort.

The publication of the Bible in Cornish, coinciding as it does with the 
400th anniversary of the AV ( KJV) draws sharp attention to the four-century 
delay in providing Cornish readers with the scriptures in their own 
language: a key priority and objective for all protestants!   And thereby 
long overdue.

I am pleased to be able to respond to this in practical terms by sending 
herewith by first class post my cheque for £100 in order to expedite the 
production of this spiritual landmark.

When I last saw Nicholas earlier this year I did not dare ask him regarding 
progress on this when we met in Lostwithiel ( on the principle:  cowza nebes 
an gwella ha scovarn yn pub ke.)

 I look forward very much to receiving the publication - ober an Spyrys Sans 
yn wyr - an ken Ken

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