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Congratulations, Nicholas, for a very significant cultural and personal 
achievement, and written in a version of the language that is passable as 
authentic. It's called Standard but, for many, this will really set the 
standard. Well done!


Andrew J. Trim

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This is indeed uplifting news amidst the encircling gloom that seems to make
up so much of the news these days!
The Prophet Isaiah says in preface to his matchless discourse on the
Suffering Messiah Servant to come : '..so shall he sprnkle many nations;
kings shall shut their mouths at him ; for that which had not been told them
shall they see; and that which the had not heard shall they consider. Who
hath believed our report? To whom hat the arm of the LORD been revealed?'
Well, the Report is now fully available in Cornish, which to all lovers of
Cornish must be a surpassing cultural achievement and to all who also indeed
believe that Report and hold it as the most precious thing a matter of
soaring spiritual pleasure! On both fronts Nicholas puts us in his debt!

Ewan W. Wilson
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(English text follows the Cornish.)


Y feu dyllans a dextow crejyans an dra moyha a roweth pùpprës rag fastya
tavosow côwsys Ewrop avell yêthow screfys, rag sampel, catekîs Godhalek an
Vyternes Elisabeth (Dulyn 1571), Foirceadul Aithghearr Godhalek Alban
(Dineydyn 1652) ha’n Beybel Kembrek (1588). Mater a styr brâs dres ehen veu
an kensa dyllans a’n Beybel Sans in kenyver tavas, rag yth yw apert pàn usy
an Beybel owth omdhysqwedhes in yêth vëth, an tavas-na dhe vos gwyw dhe
dherivas ger Duw. Trailyans Almaynek Luther a’n Beybel (1534) ha Sowsnek
Beybel an Mytern Jamys a asas mark fast wàr yêth an dhew bow.

Yth eson ny i’n tor’-ma worth agas pesy dhe dhanvon ragpren may hallowgh
cafos an kensa cowl-drailyans Kernowek a’n Beybel Sans bythqweth a veu, hag
indella gwil gweres dhe’n dasserghyans Kernowek. An lyver a vëdh dyllys gans
Evertype, Conteth Mayo, Wordhen ha scodhys gans Cowethas Peran Sans, Lulyn.

An Beybel yw trailys gans an Pendescador Nicholas Williams, an trailyor
Kernowek moyha y hanow i’n present termyn. An kenscrîf a’y drailyans a veu
grôndys wàr an textow gwredhek hag y feu comparys gans versyons erel. Wosa
hedna an scrîf a veu rës dhe Gernowegoryon dhâ, neb a gomendyas amendyansow
hag indella gwil an trailyans moy êsy dhe redya. Nena an trailyor a sarchyas
oll an textow in Kernowek Cres hag in Kernowek Adhewedhes—gwariow merkyl,
homylys ha darnow mes a’n scryptour—rag cafos devydnow a’n Beybel in
Kernowek teythyak a alsa bos ûsys in y drailyans y honen. Darnow a’n par-na
in mes a’n textow re beu gorrys in kenyver tyller possybyl dres an Beybel,
hag ymowns y ow qwil an trailyans dhe voy warrantus. Mar bell dell yll bos
henwyn personek ha henwyn tyleryow i’n trailyans-ma yw an henwyn poran a
gefyr i’n textow tradycyonal.

Yth eson ny worth agas pesy dhe wil ragpren a sùm inter £50.00 ha £500.00
rag agan gweres dhe dylly costow an Beybel. Y fëdh kenyver ragpren aswonys
gans grassow i’n lyver. Y fëdh ino Rol an Ragprenoryon rag an re-na a rolla
£50.00 ha Rol an Vasoberoryon rag an re-na a garsa ry moy. Heb mar pùb
ragprenor ha masoberor a gav copy a’n lyver.

An lyver a vëdh pryntys in dyw goloven war folednow 130mm adreus ha 190mm
wàr nans (7" x 10") in fâss olow a vëdh êsy dhe’n lagasow. Y fëdh mappys a’n
Pow Sans in termynyow an Beybel i’n lyver kefrës hag a Viajys Powl Sans adro
dhe’n Cresvor. An henwyn tyleryow wàr an mappys a vëdh in Kernowek yn tien.

Yth eson ny ow cresy y fëdh an kensa dyllans bythqweth a’n Beybel Kernowek
mater a sygnyfycacyon brâs in whedhel an tavas Kernowek hag y whra efanhe
ertach Cristyon an powyow Keltek inwedh.

Y hyllyr danvon checkednow in pensow sterlyn, taladow dhe “Evertype”, bys i’n
Revront Andy Phillips, Cowethas Peran Sans, 1 Orchard House, Orchard Place,
Newlyn, Penzance, TR18 5BG, pò y hyllyr danvon checkednow in mona ken ès
pensow sterlyn, taladow dhe “Evertype”, dhe Evertype, Cnoc Sceichín, Leac an
Anfa, Cathair na Mart, Co. Mhaigh Eo, Éire/Wordhen. Y hyllyr gwil ragpren
inwedh dre PayPal dhe everson at evertype.com. Y codhvia gwil pùb ragpren kyns
ès Sadorn 1 Me 2011. Ny a bës kenyver ragprenor dhe screfa y hanow yn
tyblans may fo va dysqwedhys i’n lyver heb fowt vëth, ha dhe screfa y drigva
yn tyblans kefrës, may halla y gopy a’n Beybel y dhrehedhes heb meschauns.

Michael Everson (Evertype, dyllor)
Revront Andrew Phillips (Cowethas Perans Sans)



The single most important factor in the establishment of modern written
vernaculars in Europe was the publication of religious texts, for example,
Queen Elizabeth’s Irish catechism (Dublin 1571), Foirceadul Aithghearr in
Scottish Gaelic (Edinburgh 1652) and the Welsh Bible (1588). The publication
of the Holy Bible has always been of crucial importance to any language,
since a translation of the Bible is manifest proof that a language is worthy
to express the word of God. Luther’s German version of the Bible (1534) and
the English of the King James Version (1611) have both left an indelible
mark on their respective languages.

We now ask you to subscribe to the publication of the first complete Bible
in Cornish and thus to assist the Cornish revival. The book, published by
Evertype of Co. Mayo in Ireland, is sponsored by Cowethas Peran Sans of
Newlyn. An Beybel Sans is written in Standard Cornish.

The translator of the Bible is Professor Nicholas Williams, the foremost
present-day translator of Cornish. The first draft of his translation was
based on the original texts together with a collation of several other
versions. Next the draft was reviewed by a number of competent Cornish
speakers, whose comments helped improve the readability of the translation.
Thereafter the translator searched the Middle and Late Cornish texts—miracle
plays, homilies, and portions of scripture, to find all those passages where
native Cornish renderings could be used in the translation. Such passages by
speakers of traditional Cornish have been incorporated throughout the
Cornish Bible, and add to its authenticity. Wherever possible, personal and
geographical names are those attested in traditional Cornish.

We are now asking for contributions of £50.00 to £500.00 to help cover the
costs of this project. All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged:
the book will contain a list of subscribers (Rol An Ragprenoryon) for those
who donate £50, and a list of benefactors (Rol an Vasoberoryon) for those
who wish to donate more. Contributors will of course also receive a copy of
the book.

The book will be set in two columns on pages measuring 130mm x 190mm (7" x
10") in a typeface suitable for easy reading. Maps of the Holy Land in
Biblical times and St Paul’s journeys in the Mediterranean will accompany
the text, with place-names given in Cornish.

We believe publication of the first Cornish Bible will be a very significant
moment in the history of the Cornish language, and indeed will enhance the
Christian tradition of the Celtic countries.

Contributions can be made by cheque in pounds sterling, payable to
“Evertype” to Andy Phillips (Cowethas Peran Sans, 1 Orchard House, Orchard
Place, Newlyn, Penzance, TR18 5BG), or in other currencies by cheque paid to
“Evertype” (Cnoc Sceichín, Leac an Anfa, Cathair na Mart, Co. Mhaigh Eo,
Éire). Subscriptions can also be made by PayPal to everson at evertype.com.
Contributions should be received by Saturday 1st May 2011. Each contributor
is requested to give his or her name (clearly written so that it may appear
without error in the book) and his or her address (also clearly written, so
that the Bible may arrive safely at its destination).

Michael Everson (Evertype, publisher)
Reverend Andrew Philips (Cowethas Peran Sans/Society of St Piran)


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