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These are the citations that I have for  /Kernowek/. Let me know if I have missed any.

•Cornish language
"Cycely called Agnes Davey whore and whore bitch in English and not in Cornowok"
[Consistory Court 1572]
"Me rig deskey Cornoack termen me vee mawe"
'I learned Cornish when I was a boy"
"ma mouy Sousenack clappiez dre eza Curnooack"
'there is more English spoken than Cornish'
[Nicholas Boson (MS in Royal Institution of Cornwall)]
"Elo why clapier Kernuack"
'Can you speak Cornish?'
[Tonkin MSS B: 207.i]
"na rig a vee biscath gwellas lever Cornoack"
'I never saw a Cornish book'
"En levra coth po vo Tour Babel gwres | Scriffas, Gomar mab Japhet vo en Beas | Ha Dotha Tavaz Kornooack vo Res"
'Att building Babels Tower as Books dow tell | Did Gomar Grandson vnto Noah dwell | To whom the Ancient Cornish Language ffell'
[John Boson (1712) in Gwavas Collection ff.63, 7r]
"Me ri marci dh'eu rag goz Neuodhou vorth an kenza Den Kernuak"
'I give thanks to you for your news about the first Cornish man'
[John Boson to William Gwavas dated 5 April 1710:]

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