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I forgot John Tonkin:

Menja Tiz Kernuack buz gasowas, where the adjective refers to people rather than language. 

Most other examples of Kernowek either noun or adjective refer to the language:

Nebbaz Gerriau dro tho Carnoack NBoson
ma mouy Sousenack clappiez dre eza Curnooack NBoson
mar peth travith gwrez tho gwetha Curnooack NBoson
en Collan an Powna eu an Curnooack mouyha Cowsez NBoson
urt e Hoer an Curnoack NBoson
gweel nebbaz aga a Curnoack NBoson
Sompel rag an Curnooack NBoson
rag clapia kernuak JBoson
En Frenkock ha Carnoack deskes dha JBoson
Rag na algia ea clappia na screffa Curnoack precarra why OPender

Gun Tavas Carnoack NBoson
ul an clappiers Carnoack NBoson 
meer en Tavaz Curnooack NBoson
adro tho an Tavaz Curnooack NBoson
ha adzhan an Tavaz kernuak dha bos Tavas koth JBoson
Ha Dotha Tavas Kornooack vo Res JBoson
En tavaz Kernooak Gelles JBoson


On 2011 Du 23, at 11:35, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> Gendall's source dictionary (1995 ed.) has:
> Cornish language:
> Carnoack, Cornoack, Curnoock (Nicholas Boson)
> Kornooack, Kernuak, Cornoack, Carnoack, Kernooak (John Boson)
> Kernowak, Cornoack (Gwavas)
> Cornowok (1572)
> Kernuack (circumflex on U) (Lhuyd)
> The Cornish:
> an Curnowean (Nicholas Boson)
> Curnoack (Oliver Pender)
> an Kornuak (circumflex on U) (Gwavas)
> Craig
> On 23 Du 2011, at 10:52, Jon Mills wrote:
>> These are the citations that I have for Kernowek. Let me know if I have missed any.
>> m.
>> • Cornish language
>> "Cycely called Agnes Davey whore and whore bitch in English and not in Cornowok"
>> [Consistory Court 1572]
>> "Me rig deskey Cornoack termen me vee mawe"
>> 'I learned Cornish when I was a boy"
>> [Bodinar]
>> "ma mouy Sousenack clappiez dre eza Curnooack"
>> 'there is more English spoken than Cornish'
>> [Nicholas Boson (MS in Royal Institution of Cornwall)]
>> "Elo why clapier Kernuack"
>> 'Can you speak Cornish?'
>> [Tonkin MSS B: 207.i]
>> adj.
>> • Cornish
>> "na rig a vee biscath gwellas lever Cornoack"
>> 'I never saw a Cornish book'
>> [Bodinar]
>> "En levra coth po vo Tour Babel gwres | Scriffas, Gomar mab Japhet vo en Beas | Ha Dotha Tavaz Kornooack vo Res"
>> 'Att building Babels Tower as Books dow tell | Did Gomar Grandson vnto Noah dwell | To whom the Ancient Cornish Language ffell'
>> [John Boson (1712) in Gwavas Collection ff.63, 7r]
>> "Me ri marci dh'eu rag goz Neuodhou vorth an kenza Den Kernuak"
>> 'I give thanks to you for your news about the first Cornish man'
>> [John Boson to William Gwavas dated 5 April 1710:]
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