[Spellyans] musical 'score' ?

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Sun Apr 1 15:05:25 BST 2012

The English word 'score' is in origin a Norse borrowing meaning 'cut, gash'. It then comes to mean a notch on a stick, a mark. From this sense develops the idea of the sporting score, i.e. points marked on a stick. It also comes to mean a music score, i.e. the markings representing music.
The obvious way of rendering 'score' in Cornish would be to adopt the English word as follows: n. scor m., plural scorow and vb scorya. Then one could say scoryans for 'scoring' a piece of music. Scor, scorya, scoryans could also be used in a sporting connection. 


On 1 Apr 2012, at 14:07, Janice Lobb wrote:

> That's fine if you have a number of players/singers making music together -doesn't sound so good for individuals. 
> Jan

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