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Thank you Nicholas, 
I have included scor, scorya, scoryans in my dictionary, both in the context of game and sport as well as extended meanings. The UCR dictionary also has scor and scorya. But your dictionary, which I understand you are not 100% happy with and don't wish to have it quoted back to you which I respect, gives the plural scorys instead of the scorow you mention here. I'm in favour of the former, but I have listed both.

On Apr 1, 2012, at 4:05 PM, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> The English word 'score' is in origin a Norse borrowing meaning 'cut, gash'. It then comes to mean a notch on a stick, a mark. From this sense develops the idea of the sporting score, i.e. points marked on a stick. It also comes to mean a music score, i.e. the markings representing music.
> The obvious way of rendering 'score' in Cornish would be to adopt the English word as follows: n. scor m., plural scorow and vb scorya. Then one could say scoryans for 'scoring' a piece of music. Scor, scorya, scoryans could also be used in a sporting connection. 
> Nicholas
> On 1 Apr 2012, at 14:07, Janice Lobb wrote:
>> That's fine if you have a number of players/singers making music together -doesn't sound so good for individuals. 
>> Jan
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