[Spellyans] Dauns and dauncya

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Mon Apr 23 16:51:14 BST 2012

I had a look at the most recent SWF dictionary draft, and I have to say I don't understand the transcription they are using.

ros [rɔːz]M [roːz]L -- surely no one actually says the former (even if it is described in Nance)

awotta [aˈwɔta]M [əˈwɔtɐ]L -- I know that KK claims that /a/ is always [a], but what is this [ɐ] doing at the end of the RLC?

Of course part of the problem here is that what the SWF says is RMC is really KK, where they are said to distinguish /o/ [oː][o] from /ɔ/ [ɔː][ɔ] -- but I don't believe they really do it. I don't believe that most RLC speakers pronounce roos 'net' as [roːz] but ros 'rose' as [rɔːz].

bras [braːz]M (broas [brɒːz]L), brassa [ˈbrasa]M [ˈbrɒsə]L -- here no mention is made of genuine RMC [bræːz] though I see that they (whoever) have analysed /ɒ/ as [ɒː][ɒ]. Neil says [ɔ] for short ‹â› though.

dons [dɔːns], donsya [ˈdɔːnsjə] -- here though we see them treating the vowel long in the polysyllable, though their spelling is mistaken and must be corrected to ‹doncya› because ‹donsya› would be [ˈdɔːnzjə].

On this last point, at least we agree, though I am not sure what their rationale for the long vowel in the verb is. (In our case, as I have pointed out it is because the quality is kept in the polysyllable.)

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