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The metre of PA is in the form of eight-lined stanzas of seven syllables each. The rhyme scheme is abababab. This stanzaic form is not particularly common. The only other example I can think of occurs at OM 1-80. 


Tays ha mab han speris sans
wy a bys a levn golon
Re wronte zeugh gras ha whans
ze wolsowas y basconn
Ha zymmo gras ha skyans
the zerevas par lauarow
may fo ze thu ze worthyans
ha sylwans zen enevow (PA 1a-d)


En tas a nef y'm gylwyr;
formyer pup tra a vyt gvrys
Onan ha try on yn gvyr
en tas ha’n map ha’n spyrys
ha hethyv me a thesyr
dre ov grath dalleth an beys
y lauaraf nef ha tyr
bethens formyys orth ov brys (OM 1-8).


On 24 Apr 2012, at 10:30, Ken MacKinnon wrote:

> These are in a D metre, which is frequently encountered in this body of literature: late medieval Cornish religious verse.

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