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Ah, true. But that has to do with original **gwr- > gr- /_o,u*. The labial
quality was retained in the lenited form, however, as it did not meet the
conditions of the soundlaw (i.e. there's no *g-*). Now, *grontya *'to
grant' as an English loanword was not ***gwrontya* at an earlier stage.
Therefore the lenited form with *wr-* must have come about through analogy
with the native Cornish vocabulary that did undergo this soundlaw, e.g. *
gròn *'mass, bundle' (I hope this is a Celtic word, if not, please insert
other example with *gro-*). The reason for the analogy simply being that
languages don't like exceptions, especially not to something as
grammatically central to a language as lenition in the Celtic languages.

2012/4/24 Nicholas Williams <njawilliams at gmail.com>

> Grontya 'to grant' is always written without w/u but the lenited form is
> wrontya.
> On 24 Apr 2012, at 12:22, Linus Band wrote:
> consider *gras* 'grace', we will notice that it is always written with *
> gr-*, and never with *gwr-/gur-*.
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