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First of all, what kind of program did you use to make this? I could use a
program like that myself! Then, about whether it is a beat or a number of
syllables, I think its the latter. The problem with the beat-theory is that
it if the beat were indeed the main metrical feature, it would be even more
irregular than the odd line here and there that would not adhere to the
syllable count (e.g. 2.7). Consider the following:

mcms004.1  an dus vas a zeserya

   .   -   -  .  . . .

mcms004.2  zeze gulas nef o kyllys

    . .    -    -  .  .  .

mcms004.3  gans aga garm hag olua

    .   . .  .    .  . .

mcms004.4  ihesus crist a ve mevijs

     . .    -   .  -  .  .

As you can see, the beat is quite irregular and is therefore probably not
the main feature of this text. The beat may have something to do with the
final word of each line, though, as the scribe tends to rhyme short
unstressed with short unstressed, and long stressed with long stressed.
There are exceptions, however, e.g. 4.6 *genys *with 4.8 *bys*.

Linus Band

P.S. <z> = the letter yogh.

2012/4/24 Eddie Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk>

> On 2012 Ebr 24, at 16:00, Ken MacKinnon wrote:
> …I have in fact been reading this as a seven-beat line.
> And I think you're quite right to do so, Ken. The main metrical
> consideration is *not* tne number of syllables, but the beat. As I think
> best in terms of music notation, this example should clarify my point:
> Here we clearly have a 7-beat 'bar'—or line—of the poem, which contains 8
> 'notes'—or syllables. In it we see the word '*gulas*' pronounced with the
> rhythm of the so-called 'Scots snap', a well-known rhythmical feature which
> could just as well be called the 'Kernewek snap', as it's found in quite a
> few Cornish disyllables with terminal stress (one of them being '*gulas*
> ').
> Eddie Climos
> ps. I apologise that my music typesetting software is not Unicode savvy
> enough to let me use 'yogh'.
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