[Spellyans] Dauns and dauncya

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Why interpret this grapheme as yogh? Surely it is <z>. It was common practice to write <z> with a long tail at this period.
 Ol an gwella,

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 On 24 Apr 2012, at 15:54, Ken MacKinnon wrote: > I had located the correct upper case yogh on my Symbol list, and the character which I wrongly used was the nearest corresponding lower case lookalike. No, you located Capital EZH Ʒ which is not Capital YOGH Ȝ > However diligent search has now enabled me to locate the correct character, which comes out like this on my system:- > > An dus vas a ʒeserya > ʒeʒe gulas nef o kyllys > > So have been able to make the necessary corrections. Nope. Those are ezhes Ʒʒ, not yoghs Ȝȝ. Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com/ _______________________________________________ Spellyans mailing list Spellyans at kernowek.net http://kernowek.net/mailman/listinfo/spellyans_kernowek.net

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