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Linus Band linusband at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 16:55:49 BST 2012

Ah, thanks! It works now! Still a bit cumbersome, but better than having to
drag it into the text every time I need it. A kernowek keyboard that has ȝ
(aha!), ë and ÿ on easy standby would indeed be practical, I think. E.g.
option-d, option-y and option-e on MacOS.

Kind regards,


2012/4/25 Michael Everson <everson at evertype.com>

> On 25 Apr 2012, at 15:46, Linus Band wrote:
> > Opened my keyboard viewer, but still can't find it.. shift-option merely
> highlights ' where the y should be. (MacOS X Lion, by the way)
> I have not tested the keyboard under Lion. But you type SHIFT OPTION
> SEMICOLON (shift-option-;) and then you take your fingers off the keyboard
> and then you type a Y or y.
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