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Oh Niki, I hope for the sake of the entire process, that you are wrong. If not then there is no process. If it is a choice between KK and broken KK then there is no choice. Without a traditional orthography there is no SWF, it is simply a schism in KK, based upon pronunciation. Those of us in favour of reviving Cornish with a spelling system based upon the one used by the Cornish at the time rather than one designed to promulgate Ken George's ideas about pronunciation in the 1450's should not accept this ludicrous situation. We should be looking for nothing less than total parity to allow official and private users to make an informed choice. 

Anything less would be to accept KK. The reason the entire process is here it's because KK is not acceptable. To produce from this KK 2 will not heal the rift. You may as well say we are going to revert to Unified (which would at least be preferable and have some justification, but which led us to this position in the first instance).

So what are we to do now?

On 05/08/2012 22:38 Nicky Rowe wrote:

Maga are working under the idea that it was agreed at Treyarnon that trad forms would not be a separate orthography, just personal forms that can be used by individuals - which is why the dictionary does not have trad forms. It is the differing interpretations of the agreement that is causing the problems - Jenefer has said the lack of clarity was useful in 2008 but has caused problems since. If that is what was agreed then you can't really work against it. But if you have a different interpretation of the agreement then you need to tell them. They are not "working against" traditional forms, they are just working to what was agreed (or what they think was agreed).


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A gowetha-oll,
I understand that this year’s language conference has been arranged for 17th November.   It is likely to be a two-day affair, and is also to encompass Can rag Kernow.   As yet I am not sure of the venue.
The two days schedule  should enable a full discussion of outstanding problems.
-        An ken Ken
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I have offered to make a SWF/t version of the dictionary and my offer has simply been ignored…
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then not only have we been disenfranchised, but the interests of traditional Cornish are being actively worked against. Maga is now a group whose function is to promulgate a modified version of Kemmyn. As such, they now become part of the problem and nothing to do with the 'solution'. Sadly I see no way forward with the process, it is beginning to look a betrayal.
Once again I suggest that it is not the traditional forms that need to justify their existence, it is those that derive their form from Kemmyn. Especially as their raison d'etre has been dropped. How can we move forward with this process the way things are?
On 05/08/2012 10:00 Ray Chubb wrote:
I note that the glossaries have been removed from the Maga web site, 
presumably because the SWF dictionary is now in place.
This means that, apart from any items that might appear in the 
newsletter where the contributor has to insist that the traditional 
graph option is used, there is now no indication of what native 
Cornish actually looks like when anyone comes into contact with the 
Shame on them!!!
What is more serious, if we refer to the Partnership's own survey of 
Cornish users, possibly as much as 57% of Cornish users are 
disenfranchised by the web site.
If any one on this forum doesn't have the SWF (t) glossary I can send 
them a pdf file.
Ray Chubb
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