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Hedley Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 9 11:52:42 BST 2012

On 2012 Est 9, at 10:45, Michael Everson wrote:
> …In offering only an SWF/K dictionary MAGA is basically not offering those who prefer traditional graphs an option. A paragraph in the front matter telling people that when they want to find "cath" they can look under "K" is not sufficient. 

Indeed it is not. Would the KKites accept a SWF/T dictionary with a SWF/M paragraph in the front?

> …You published both an SWF/K and an SWF/T version of the glossary. You should do the same with the dictionary.

Just so! Enough tergiversation and disingenuous equivocation; let's see some equal treatment for trad graphs.

> If you're not willing to do that, I am. Make the files available to me and I will emend them as necessary and publish the SWF/T dictionary. Then MAGA won't be seen "making unilateral decisions about the SWF", if I understand rightly what you mean by that.

With a view to doing precisely this, I've already converted the PDF SWF/M Dictionary into an editable Pages document. The prokect has stalled due to illness and the greater attractions of creating new works for children and young learners. However, I'd be quite happy to provide Evertype with a copy of the files.

Surely MAGA could not object to a samizdat edition using (alleged) trad graphs, especially once you've corrected the many editorial errors in the existing version.

Eddie Climo

Gwask an Orlewen
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