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Fri Aug 10 16:22:00 BST 2012

2008 was about getting all the groups talking to each other - trying to
mend divisions of the past. 2013 should be looking to the next generation
of Cornish speakers, doing what is best for them, not providing a solution
that just further accommodates the previous generations' inability to
compromise. What learners and beginners want, and what is most useful in
official usage, public signage, official education and collaborative
projects (such as localisation or Memrise) is a single orthography. It's
bad enough that there are choices to be made within the main form due to
the middle/late variants, also giving K and T forms equal status in 2013
would be making the situation worse not better.

Beginners do not want to "make their own minds up", they want to be told
how to spell words and know that it's an official spelling, which gives
them confidence in what they're learning. Equal status in 2013 might be
advantageous for this group but the newer generation of Cornish speakers
and learners would not thank you for it.

There are really only the following options as far as I can see - everyone
adopt K forms, everyone adopt T forms, switch the hierarchy of K and T
forms around, agree on a "Maga" K/T hybrid form within the SWF with other
forms remaining as side forms, or keep everything the way it is. Giving K
and T forms equal status in 2013 would be a step backwards, there needs to
be one form for official use, whatever it looks like.

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