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Fri Aug 17 09:05:07 BST 2012

I've changed the heading so that Jenny doesn't need to panic every  
time that she sees it.

Andrew is making a good point here.  School children are not stupid.   
I remember being told by a friend who taught a little Cornish in a  
school using SWF that when he introduced 'chi' he was asked why is it  
that we see it all around us spelt 'chy'?

Clearly there are two groups of adult Cornish users which are split  
about 50/50 between those who want to imitate the Cornish of our  
ancestors and those who want a totally logical orthography.  We have  
no indication of what the split would be amongst children.  Is there a  
child psychologist on this list?

On 17 Est 2012, at 01:03, A. J. Trim wrote:

> I would abandon SWF/K and promote SWF/T as the official form. Those  
> who want to use SWF/K have the burden of justification. SWF/K is  
> easier and less English than SWF/T but SWF/K is also much less  
> Cornish. It should not have official backing or be using public  
> funds. You cannot teach children that SWF/K is Cornish only that it  
> is a modern language based on Cornish. They will quickly loose  
> interest as the historical link is broken.

Ray Chubb


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