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 I agree that many, perhaps even the vast majority, would like to see a single written form for Cornish. I also agree with you regarding why a single written form is needed. However it seems that the majority would like the single written form to be one that includes all and only their particular preferences. And that is why I am of the opinion that the Cornish language community is not yet ready for a single written form. Like it or not, it is going to be some considerable time before any single written form is broadly accepted by the Cornish language community. In the meantime, plurality of form is something that we will all have to live with and find ways to work together with.
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The events of recent years have clearly demonstrated that the Cornish language community is not yet ready for a SINGLE written form. 

 No, the more longstanding members of language activists are not ready for a single written form. The next generation, who were not part of the disputes of the past 25 years, want one and are crying out for one. Collaborative projects such as localisation and online community-based learning are not viable without a single form. What you all need to be asking yourselves is what will make things easier for the next generation, not how to just get what you want and make things better for just you. If you can't agree on a single form - NOT two equal forms - then the next generation will be questioning your fitness to lead the revival.


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