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Hedley Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 17 22:09:19 BST 2012

On 2012 Est 17, at 14:56, Nicky Rowe wrote:
> No, the more longstanding members of language activists are not ready for a single written form.
Incorrect. Many of these older people remember the days when there was but a single written form, up until 1987, when the KKites engineered the first split in the Revival. Like them, some of us who joined the Revival after that date, like me, still use that form: Unified Cornish.

> The next generation, who were not part of the disputes of the past 25 years, want one and are crying out for one.
Really? Do you have any evidence to support this claim? It does sound awfully anecdotal.

> Collaborative projects such as localisation and online community-based learning are not viable without a single form.
I think not. There are many collaborative projects that have taken place over the last quarter century, despite the lack of a single form. I guess they're made less easy because of the split, but they've hardly been 'not viable'.

> What you all need to be asking yourselves is what will make things easier for the next generation, not how to just get what you want and make things better for just you.
Well, what I've asked myself over the last half a dozen years is, "What can *I* contribute to the Revival that will help to support it?" My answer is to learn the language and to enjoy anc cherish it; to speak it when I have the chance, both on- and off-line; and to write, translate and publish in it. In this latter field, I've focussed on creating publications (both in print, e-books, audio and video) aimed mainly at children and young learners.

That's MY contribution to the present generation—and to ones to come. As a result, in some 3 years of operation, Gwask an Orlewen has issued some three dozen publications, with more to come.

Perhaps what YOU need to ask yourself is, "What contribution have YOU yourself made to the Revival?"

> If you can't agree on a single form - NOT two equal forms - then the next generation will be questioning your fitness to lead the revival.
'Lead the Revival'? This suggests a peculiarly top-down, centralist, authoriarian approach to the Revival. In my view, progress in the Revival over the 110+ years of its existence has been made by individuals—and groups of individuals—getting off their bums and DOING something for the revival of the language.

Progress has NOT been achieved by people looking around for leaders, or gurus, or figures of authority.

Eddie Climo

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