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How does KS spell 'draylya' - to drag/trail behind?  I am finding that  
at first glance 'trailya' is leading me to think of that word.

On 2 Kev 2012, at 20:03, Michael Everson wrote:

> On 2 Dec 2012, at 19:41, Ray Chubb <ray at spyrys.org> wrote:
>>> The SWF doesn't reliably distinguish ‹ay› and ‹ey›. In KS  
>>> ‹ay› is [aɪ] as in "may halla" and ‹ey› is [əɪ] as in  
>>> "seythen". Words like paintya and trailya are pronounced with [eː].
>> In which case Nance's original 'trēlya' would appear to suffice  
>> having it seems, after a quick count only, more examples in the  
>> historical texts than any other spelling.
> In KS we would have to write that as ‹trêlya› [ˈtɹeːljə],  
> since ‹trelya› has all short vowels according to the rules  
> [ˈtɹɛljə]. There are a number of these words which are written  
> ‹e› or ‹ay› or ‹ai› or ‹ey› in the texts. Since they  
> are all loanwords, and since many of them have ‹ai› in English  
> anyway (Middle English trailen, treilen, tralen), we decided to use  
> ‹ai› which better reflects the etymology (Old French traillier,  
> trailler, treiller) and avoids a diacritic.
> Similar arguments can be given for ‹au›.
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