[Spellyans] Trailya

Hedley Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 3 20:33:51 GMT 2012

Clew! clew! An gwyr a leversys, sos, hep mar na ma's!

Gwren ny dewheles dhe'gan deves (del lever an Frynkyon).

Eddie Climo

On 2012 Kev 3, at 17:01, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> All I can see, gentlemen, is eyes off the ball - yet again - for next year's review, despite my warnings.
> What is decided in 2013 is IT as far as fundable Cornish, "official" Cornish, and Cornish for schools (and therefore the future) is concerned.
> Do you WANT the SWF to be KK2?  Because that is what will happen if you don't get focussed.

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