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On 20 Dec 2012, at 13:37, Daniel Prohaska <daniel at ryan-prohaska.com> wrote:

> Michael, 
> Going through Nicholas' "Desky Kernowek" again I saw you transcribe ‹uhel› 'high' as [ˈjuəl] which is nothing like any of the other orthographies' recommended pronunciation, nor is it anything you would hear from RC speakers. 

How would you transcribe the recommended pronunciations, or "anything you would hear from RC speakers"?

> Here are the attestations:
> {C vghell (PA 3x), vghel (PA 3x), vhel (OM 6x, PC 3x, BM 4x), huhel (OM 4x, PC 7x, RD 4x, Pr), vhell (BM 2x, 10x), vhal (BK 7x), yth el (BK), vhall (BK 1x, TH 1x, CW 2x), vghall (CW 3x, H 1x), ughall (CW 1x), vhull (CW 1x), ughell (JK 2x), euhall (WR 2x, TB 1x), ewhall (NB, Lh, WB, Pr), ehụal (Lh), ụhal (Lh), yụhal (Lh), eụhal (Lh), euhal (Lh, Pr), heụhal (Lh), iuhal (Lh), hual (JB), euhell (Pr), uhal (Pr 4x), uhel (Pr 2x), uthall (Pr), uhall (Pr), yuhal (Lh); (cmp./sup.) uhella (PC, Pr), vghella (BK, CW), vhella (BK 2x, TH 5x), vghelha (BK), vhelha (BK 4x), ughella (JK, Pr)}; 
> As quite to be expected the attestations show a monophthong in MC [ˈyːhəl] and a diphthong in LC [ˈɪʊhɐl] or [ˈɪʍɐl].

Neither Nicholas nor I have any memory of entering the transcription [juəl] per se. It seems to me that this word is difficult in the same way that ‹gordhuwher› is, for the same reasons. I will certainly discuss this with our "good-speaker informants". On the face of it it would appear that [ˈju(h)ǝl] or as you might have it [ˈɪʊ(h)əl] is what we were transcribing.

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