[Spellyans] 2013 battle plans

Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Mon Feb 6 12:29:46 GMT 2012

So far, I've seen no sign of battle plans regarding the 2013 review  
from either AT or Spellyans.  There is just one year to go and it  
really can't be left any longer.  Those of you on the AT list will  
know about the sneaked-through Kammbronn debacle (and both Albert and  
Dan confirm that it contravenes the rules of SWF).  We should be awake  
to the fact that there are still people who believe they can behave as  
they did in 1987 and, what is worse, MAGA is giving them free rein to  
do so.  However, now that I've found out, the Kammbronn issue is far  
from finished, Partnership decision or no.

How I found out is equally disturbing.  I was sent a masterlist of  
place-name forms so far agreed.  Camborne was not on it, or was  
Callington (where they've gone for the utterly fictitious  
'Kelliwic').  Then Dan e-mailed me, enclosing a copy of the list he'd  
been sent, where both names were included.  Why were they omitted from  
my copy?

However, if we are to commence a "battle-plan", may I strongly urge  
that Spellyans becomes a closed list from here on in, otherwise  
external factions will be knowing our every move.


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