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My name is Delia Brotherton and I am a new subscriber to the Spellyans list.  I am a student of Kernewek currently studying 4th grade Unified with Pat Miller in Constantine and Ray Chubb in Camborne and hope to take the 4th grade Kesva exams this summer.  This is the last opportunity for Unified students to take any Kesva exams so am under self imposed pressure, but it won't kill me!

Following the Agan Tavas AGM today (Saturday 11th February) I have been appointed as the Secretary, having been co-opted on to the committee about six months ago.  I started a new Yeth an Weryn in St Ives while I was a first grade student and have organised for Agan Tavas three successful Cornish language weekends in St Ives, the most recent being last weekend in the run up to St Ives Feast.  I am a musician and, with my husband, formed Bagas Porthia about six years ago, playing traditional and contemporary Cornish and Celtic music, and also helped revive the St Ives Guisers.  I have written two songs in Kernewek as part of my language studies and my wish is to continue using the language in this way.  With regard to SWF I am observing developments as I have previously stood in for Ray Chubb at MAGA Partnership meetings but do not intend to study SWF at least until I have finished my exams.

I hope this is sufficient introduction to Spellyans members.

Oll an gwella

Dee Brotherton, Porthya
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