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There may have been an o-coloured schwa and an i-coloured schwa in the earliest Middle Cornish, but it is clear that by the period of PA and the Ordinalia both were were falling together with the unrounded and unfronted schwa, or had already fallen together. 

PA has onon 9 times and onan 7 times. 
PA writes cafos 9 times; the Ordinalia have 17 examples of cafus and two examples of cafes.
There are 13 examples of profus in the Ordinalia, one of profes and one of profys.
gortos occurs four times in the Ordinalia, but BM writes gortes
There are 8 examples of gorhel in the Ordinalia, one of gorhal and five of gorhyl. 

SA writes egglos three times,  but egglys once. 

By the Late Cornish period there is only one schwa though its allophones seem to be in free variation:

Nicholas Boson writes Carnoack, Curnooack but Frencock
John Boson writes Carnoack but Frenkock
Lhuyd s.v. Gallica Lingua writes Vrinkak but in his preface he writes Frenkek

Price writes Nadelik, Lhuyd writes Nadelik but the Ustick MSS have Nedelack.

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