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The problem here, Ken, is that there are only two current researchers  
who have looked into Cornish place-names beyond the badly flawed  
Gover.  One of those two is extremely sceptical about the value of  
reviving Cornish for modern use (but is the only one who ha discovered  
all of Gover's flaws and actively taking on the huge task of checking  
every reference to eventually correct it all), and I'm the other one.   
The rest of the signage panel rely solely upon Gover, and ignore the  
oft-repeated warnings of its mistakes from both Oliver and me.  So,  
when it comes to a professional panel of experts on the subject, we're  
badly limited.


On 6 Whe 2012, at 13:18, Ken MacKinnon wrote: One of those is

> A gowetha whek,
> This is a worrying situation, and my own take on this is that the  
> place-name
> issue is a highly important and highly public language corpus planning
> issue.
> Here in Scotland we have a professionally constituted and  
> authoritative
> place-names body which could be said now to constitute an
> officially-recognised authority: Ainmean-Aite na h-Alba  (AAA).     
> This
> researches and determines authentic Gaelic place-name forms for use  
> on the
> various rapidly-expanding public signage initiatives.   In the cases  
> where
> there are no historic or more recently attested Gaelic place-name  
> forms it
> says so , and the name in its present geographical and official  
> usage stays
> as it is.  This is the case with several towns and villages in the  
> Borders
> and is a similar principle to that pertaining for many years in  
> Wales ( e.g.
> Connah's Quay on the Rhestr o Enwau Lleoedd is 'Connah's Quay'.    
> Like Bow
> Street ( near Aberystwyth) it never has had a Welsh-language form.
> I feel that CLP / MAGA should move towards establishing a  
> professionalised
> Cornish place-names authority which enjoys the respect of - or is  
> ideally
> even constituted of - professional Celtic and Onomastic academic  
> circles,
> and can therefore advise official bodies and others in the field of
> authentic and reliable place-name forms in Cornish.
> When the present working parties were constituted a couple of years  
> ago I
> was recommended to join the Status Working Group (on which I have been
> active) and also to have an input into the Corpus Group.   This has  
> not so
> far been taken up.  However over the past couple of years I have been
> involved in such initiatives through Bord na Gaidhlig as  
> establishing a
> Gaelic  language academy, and in associating the work of AAA within  
> it.   I
> might have some useful experience in these fields to contribute to the
> Cornish Corpus Group, and it might be timely to remind CLP / MAGA /  
> Jenefer
> of this, in case it might be desirable to take this up.
> Hoping this helps - an ken Ken
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> So far, I've seen no sign of battle plans regarding the 2013 review  
> from
> either AT or Spellyans.  There is just one year to go and it really  
> can't be
> left any longer.  Those of you on the AT list will know about the
> sneaked-through Kammbronn debacle (and both Albert and Dan confirm  
> that it
> contravenes the rules of SWF).  We should be awake to the fact that  
> there
> are still people who believe they can behave as they did in 1987  
> and, what
> is worse, MAGA is giving them free rein to do so.  However, now that  
> I've
> found out, the Kammbronn issue is far from finished, Partnership  
> decision or
> no.
> How I found out is equally disturbing.  I was sent a masterlist of
> place-name forms so far agreed.  Camborne was not on it, or was  
> Callington
> (where they've gone for the utterly fictitious 'Kelliwic').  Then Dan
> e-mailed me, enclosing a copy of the list he'd been sent, where both  
> names
> were included.  Why were they omitted from my copy?
> However, if we are to commence a "battle-plan", may I strongly urge  
> that
> Spellyans becomes a closed list from here on in, otherwise external  
> factions
> will be knowing our every move.
> Craig
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