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On 2012 Whe 7, at 16:48, Nicholas Williams wrote:
> The form *brusyas was devised by Nance and first appears in his 1938 dictionary.
Nicholas, you really should be more careful in making statements about attestation. This word actually appears 4 years earlier in Nance's 1934 dictionary:
	judge. n. brüsyas; juj

> It is not attested in traditional Cornish.
Is this statement about attestation more reliable than the previous one? Let's recall what you said in 2006 about words for 'judge' in your UCR dictionary, and compare it with 2 other lexicographers:

	judge n. juj, brusyth, brusyth, juster
	justys n. justice, magistrate

NJAW 2006:
	judge n. juj, brusyth; (of competition) brusyas
	justice n. (magistrate) justys
	justiciar n. juster

	judge n. barner, brezidh, juster (of sport)

Nance 1938 makes no comment about the provenance of 'brusyas'; he is normally careful to mark neologisms, calques and coinings (unlike some less meticulous lexicographers in our language).

Of course, it may be that 'brusyas' is one of Nance's neologisms which he omitted to mark as such. If so, I find it quite acceptable, as it joins the ranks of many other agentive forms is -yas, with fem. ending -yades, such as:
> acontyas, kefrysyas, Seyskeryas, maynvrusyas, arvrusyas, cowethyas, servyas, laghyas, lewyas, Bangladeshyas, breselyas, Bengalyas, ostyas, kethservyas, Burgaynyas…

This is just a small random sample of such words, all taken from Nicholas's UCR dictionary. One might take especial note of Bangladeshyas; this can hardly be blamed on Nance, as the state of Bangladesh didn't exist during his lifetime! One suspects that this word was a Williamsek 'devising'.

Ewn rak an woth, ewn rak an culyek woth, ow sos!

Eddie Climo

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