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For me, how a language sounds is an important part of its
preservation. These sounds are heavily dented in revived Cornish in
the mouths of many. There are those who seem to say that it is
sufficient to be using the words alone, and effectively bugger the
pronunciation (or largely make one up, in the case of Kemmyn).

Whether you need an unambiguous orthography or not depends upon your
position on this matter. If you don't care what you sound like when
you are learning, then any old orthography will do, as the way you say
a thing is immaterial, KK simply invented one. As many Cornish
speakers will rarely get the chance to actually speak to people or if
they do usually only in their clique, that may matter little to them.
I think the one of the important things to many new learners is that
they use the "Official" orthography, although that does not exist,
despite the attempts of KK and now SWF(KK) to masquerade as precisely

On the other hand if you wish to cultivate a sound similar to that
used by the Cornish, an unambiguous orthography helps enormously.
Especially for isolated learners. The use of IPA in dictionaries is
also a very good step as this removes any trace of ambiguity (IMHO).
OK, all you will ever get is a normalised pronunciation, rather than
all the regional complexity the language used to have, but that is
lost and anything else is better than English RP!


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> For a Revived language, it would seem helpful to have a single thing for learners to learn.
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