[Spellyans] Introduction

Linus Band linusband at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 23:01:11 GMT 2012

Dear all, 

My name is Linus Band, and I am a Celtic Studies post-grad student at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. My main interest is the historical phonology of the South-West British languages. I am currently finishing an essay on the spelling of Middle Cornish gu/gew/go- 'woe' and have just started writing my MA-thesis on the historical phonology of the Breton dialect of Ouessant, which seems to have some features that are remniscent of Cornish. In my free time I like to read anything I can find concerning the Cornish language revival. I am doing the KDL course at a very slow pace, but am actually more interested in KS and how it can help revise the SWF in 2013. I have subscribed to the list so that I may know what is going on at the moment and may perhaps comment here and there where helpful. I'd very much like to help out, I'm just not sure yet how. I think that that's it. 

Oll an gwella, 


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