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Yma Evertype ow nôtya bos dyllys lyver nowyth Nigel Roberts, Whedhlow ha drollys a Gernow Goth, trailys gans Nicholas Williams. Hèm yw Viaj aberth i’n mystery henwhedhlow agan pow ny. I’n folednow-ma why a gav romauns ha pystry; anethow ha traitury; sens ha pehadoryon; gorwer ha tebelwesyon. I’n lyver-ma yma kewry meur aga mêstry ow qwandra i’n menydhyow; carrygy kevrînek ow chaunjya dhe dus vew ha tus cales aga fedn ow trailya de Sul dhe ven yeyn; yma drog-spyryjyon ow ledya tus wàr stray; knoukoryon darosvanus ow trobla an balyow; yma vertu a sawment in fentydnyow sans; ha morvoronyon, meur aga thenvos, ow qwil dhe dus dywith aga sewya aberth in morow Keltek. Nigel Roberts re wrug desedha an hengof rych-ma a whedhlow hag a lien gweryn rag agan dedhyow ny ha’y dhasterivas sempel in form grafek spladn a wra plêsya pynag oll a garra delînyansow bryntyn ha whedhlow dâ.

Gweler http://evertype.com/books/whedhlow-a-gernow.html

Evertype announces the publication of Nigel Roberts' Cornish Legend and Folklore. This book is a journey into Cornwall's mythical past. Throughout these pages you will discover magical romantic tales of adventure and intrigue; saints and sinners; heroes and villains. Where tyrannical giants roam the hills; mysterious rocks come alive and obstinate people turn to stone on the sabbath; mischievous piskeys lead simple fools astray; ghostly knockers haunt the mines; holy wells have curative powers; and alluring mermaids entice their vulnerable victims into Celtic seas. Nigel Roberts has adapted and retold this rich tradition of legend and folklore into popular and colourful graphic narrative format for those of all ages who enjoy great art and story telling.	

See http://evertype.com/books/cornish-legend.html for more information.

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