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Thank you very much for these “Little Bits”. Keep them coming!

On page 95, you have:

na wruga’va    “he did not” 

na wrug'anjei    “they did not”

How should these be pronounced/stressed?

Is it stressed like na WRUG a VA or like na wru GAV a ?
Similarly, is it stressed like na WRUG an JEI or like  na wru GAN jei ?

That is, is the stress penultimate? If not, then I would want to write these with a space: na wruga va and na wrug anjéi, and leave out the apostrophe. However, you should write an explanatory note if you intend the stress to be penultimate as it is not clear whether the apostrophe affects the rules on stress.

Oll an guella ȝyſo ġy ynwéth,

Andrew J. Trim 

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Oll an gwella 
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