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BTW – for Eddie and anyone else after eBook converters:


I use Calibre – it’s an Open Source full eLibrary Management tool with a
great converter – but I only use it as a converter, as I prefer to manage my
eLibrary myself and not have it auto-syncing things to MP3 players and
Kindles etc.


I use the Windows version, but there is an OS X version, which may be of
interest. Have had good result with converting .pdf, ePub and plain text to
MOBI for Kindle. The quality of the .pdf results depends on whether the text
is actual text rather than scans of pages without OCR. Where the pages are
just scans I tend to leave in .pdf format as this can be blown up and read
in landscape on most reading devices.








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On 2012 Gen 7, at 12:09, Herbie Blackburn wrote:

Will we begin to see books like this in eBook form?


Herbie whek,

Gwask an Orlewen has already been doing this for quite a while, with an
increasing number of free electronic publications, mostly e-books in PDF
format. All of those are available from our web store, and the latest—and
biggest—batch are connected with our printed bilingual edition of the
classic festive poem, 'Twas the Night before Christmas, by Clement Clarke
Moore. That book contains the original English text, together with 2 Cornish
translations:  one by Nicholas Williams (in KS), the other a UC one of my


In addition, there are NINE e-freebies; altogether, as our forthcoming
catalogue details, the set comprises:


23 An Noswyth kens Nadelek / The Night before Christmas

            23a)      printed edition (UC+KS+Eng.)

            23b) free: Cartennow Nadelek / D.I.Y. Christmas Cards (PDF,

            23c)      free: bilingual e-book (PDF, Cornish+English)

            23d) free: short film (YouTube, Cornish)

            23e) free: short film (YouTube, English)

            23f)      free: audio podcast (MP3, Cornish)

            23g) free:bilingual e-book (PDF, Cornish + Norwegian)

            23h) free:bilingual e-book (PDF, Cornish + French)

            23i)      free:bilingual e-book (PDF, Cornish + German)

            23j)      free:bilingual e-book (PDF, Cornish + Italian)


The little films are available on our new YouTube channel (along with our
Jan 2012 offering: a couple of short Beatrix Potter films), while the pocast
(which is actually the sound-track from the Cornish film 23d) hasn't yet got
a home on the Web—any offers? I'll happily send a copy on request, though.


One of my favourites in the bunch might well appeal to Dan—(23i) is the
bilingual e-book in Cornish and German, featuring a delightful German
translation by the author Erich Kästner. Perhaps it's due to spending part
of my childhood living there, but I find German just fits Christmas
perfectly—Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht always brings a tear to my eye! As for
Glühwein and Stolle


Sorry there's nothing in ePub format, but I've yet to find a good
(preferably free!) converter program for MacOS X.


Bledhen Noweth da dhys.

Eddie Foirbeis Climo

          Gwask an Orlewen






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