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Wed Jul 11 15:17:42 BST 2012

First of all, sorry for abusing the list for something non-Cornish, but you
are the easiest to reach group of people with Celtic expertise. As you
might know, I am writing my MA-thesis about the Ushant dialect of Breton.
The deadline for handing in my thesis is this Friday, and I am therefore
very busy checking everything at the moment. I found out that I need to
take a look at two books that are supposed to be in our University Library.
The library is closed this week, however, (of all times!) so I had to order
them to be sent to a different university location. The problem is that one
of the books seems to have disappeared from the catalogue, and the other
that I did order just won't arrive. So, I was wondering if any of you has
access to one or both of these books.
The books are:

Fleuriot, *Dictionnaire des glosses en vieux breton* (Paris 1964).

(I need to know what page 187 says about the gloss *gueldenes *gl. 'insula

Vendryes,* Lexique étymologique de l’irlandais ancien, *7 vols (Dublin

( I need to know what etymology he gives for *cuicél *'distaff')

To keep it somewhat on the topic of Cornish: is the Cornish word for
'distaff' attested in the traditional texts? In Middle Breton it is *
queiguel*, the Ushant dialect has [ˈkigel] (Peurunvan *keigel*). In Middle
Welsh we find *cogeil* (Modern Welsh *cogail, cogel*).

All the best,

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