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I can find the following examples of mylyow:

Kyn geffo eff myllyov cans 'Though he get a hundred thousand' BM 2270
an henow a Luther, Zwynglyus, Carolstadyus, gans myllyow moy an parana,
ha aga hereticall fascion 'the name of Luther, Zwingli, Carolstad, with thousands more of that kind, and their heretical faction' TH 33
han rena a rug convertya ha trelya lyas myll a vyllyow then feith 'and those converted and turned many thousand thousands to the faith' TH 51
moy eas myllyow a bynsow 'more than thousands of pounds' CW 740
ha shoyah Bednath war villiaw a eze ort a Kara, ha gweetha o Lavarow 'and show blessing to thousands who love me' Rowe (there are later versions of this where the word is miliow).

There do not seem to be examples in the texts of milyow used to express numbers apart from multiples of a thousand. So the 'a vilyow' way is not common. The only possible example is Tregear's lyas myll a vyllyow.

'Two thousand' is dyw vil:

rag ma dro da deux mill Hosket whath in Falmeth 'for there are still about two thousand barrels in Falmouth'  OPender

and 'a hundred thousand' is cans mil:

Tedna cans mil warbar 'Draw in a hundred thousand together' Pryce.

Using the decimal system
283,000 would be dew cans, eth deg ha teyr mil.
200,083 would be dew cans mil, eth deg ha try
203,080 would be dew cans ha teyr mil, eth deg.

Or one could simply spell the number out:

dew, eth, try, màn, màn, màn
dew, màn, màn, màn, eth, try
dew, màn, try, màn, eth, màn.


On 3 Jun 2012, at 11:06, Nicky Rowe wrote:

> If the 'a vilyow' way is common in the texts I might prefer to just use that system...

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