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Nicholas, ha'n gowetha-oll,


I shall stand corrected on the provincial status of Northern Ireland,
although I trust we are agreed that Ulster as such continues to enjoy the
historic status of province.


I am of course entirely aware of the inclusion of the Saltire of St Patrick
in the union flag ( albeit heraldically dimidiated and fimbriated with the
Saltire of St Andrew.)    What occasions me some despair on these loyal
occasions is the extent to which this fact entirely escapes the awareness of
many who attempt to fly the flag, resulting in the display of the flag
upside-down.   Often in up to about 50% of the instances.


However, I do understand that the designation of the Saltire of St Patrick
as the official flag of Northern Ireland has no actual statutory basis.


I must also engage in some self-correction concerning the commentary on
'Gloriana'.   What the Sky News commentator actually said yesterday was:
".flying the flags of the various constituent parts of the United Kingdom."
Not, of course, that these words have any official status.   However this
official usage of Baner Peran on a state occasion may in fact signify some
changing attitudes in high places.   Sinologists and Kremlinologists do in
fact attach significance to such manifestations, and so perhaps may we?


Cala y'n gwyns  - an ken Ken


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Northern Ireland isn't a province.


The cross of St Patrick is, however, a constituent part of the Union Flag.

Since both the cross of St George and the cross of St Andrew are used for
England and Scotland

respectively, and they are combined in the Union Flag, the use of the red
saltire on argent/white is legitimate for the part of Ireland still in the
United Kingdom.




On 4 Jun 2012, at 13:06, Ken MacKinnon wrote:

Royal recognition at last.  And as you say St Patrick's Saltire for Northern
Ireland, which in fact has no legal standing whatsoever in that province.



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