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A gowetha,
Drog yw genev skrifa dhywgh hwi dhe leverel ni dhe hedhi Keskussulyans MAGA restris rag 17/18 mis Du. Kler yw bos kaletter gans an chanj dhe mis Du yn le mis Gwynngala del usyes, kefrys ha'n dydhlyver bysy Kernewek ha rag henna nyns eus saw niver byhan a leow erhis ha rol hir a dhyharasow. Ny brederyn y vos posybyl dhe besya yn kas ma. Y fydhyn ow prederi yn town adro dhe hwarfosow rag an vledhen usi ow tos hag a wra danvon moy kedhlow dhywgh skonna gyllyn.
Jenefer Lowe
Dear all,
It is with regret that we have had to cancel the 2012 MAGA conference planned for November 17/18. It has become clear that the combination of the change to November, plus the increasingly busy Cornish calendar, has impacted on it and as a result we have a very small number of bookings and a long list of apologies. We do not feel that it is viable to continue under these circumstances.  We will be looking carefully at potential events for the coming year and will send out further information as soon as possible.
Jenefer Lowe
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