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Thanks Nicholas and Michael.

Yes, I think you are correct. <i'n vledhen 1887>  matches the English, Irish 
and Welsh.

However, I think that Gwavas must have been saying "in a year of our Lord 
God, [which is named/numbered] 1710".
The apostrophe in Gwavas' <a'n> seems to indicate that <blethen> is 
indefinite. If 1710 was seen as a proper noun, that would make the whole 
thing definite, so "the" between "in" and "year" was not required.

In <i'n vledhen 1887>, "1887" is an adjective which limits the scope of 
<vledhen> -- to such an extent that <vledhen 1887> becomes a proper noun for 
that period of time. Therefore, perhaps, it should be <in Bledhen 1887>, and 
that would be consistent with Gwavas.


Andrew J. Trim

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> "in the year 1887" is short for "in the 1887th year (of our Lord)"

No, it isn't. It means "in the year [which is named/numbered] 1887".

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