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On 14 November 2012 10:10, Nicky Rowe <nickyrowe at gmail.com> wrote:

> I mean this respectfully, but please wake up. The SWF is attracting
> consensus, just not from here. You (pl.) are so focused on linguistic and
> academic considerations that you can't see the support the SWF has as a
> political compromise. Reviving Cornish is an inherently political act, and
> the majority of people come to it for political/emotional reasons rather
> than linguistic. In what situation do you see the majority of the revival
> choosing KS over the SWF?

In the situation where SWF/t gets equal play time with SWF/k, where people
can see the essential unity between SWF/t and the house and place names all
around them, and where they are exposed to the excellent publications in
KS. In that situation, some will opt to use diacritics in the interests of
clarity, and the rest will (or should) recognize the variants with
diacritics as superior. I was never taught in schools to write résumé,
façade or belovèd with diacritics, but I do.

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