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Is the terrible way Irish is taught in schools really worth writing off the
whole idea of school education for Cornish? There are plenty of ways to
teach. If I was a teacher I'd make Cornish more of a club than a class,
focus on conversation and activities rather than rote learning and tests,
but speak to them only in Cornish. 60 minutes of fun immersion using
Cornish is surely better than 60 minutes of learning about Cornish in


On 16 November 2012 11:43, Nicholas Williams <njawilliams at gmail.com> wrote:

> I taught Irish in university for 30 years. The teaching of Irish in
> schools is so faulty, that in some ways it has done more harm than good.
> 90 years after independence Irish is hardly spoken at all. There is no
> daily newspaper, no weekly magazine.
> And people are even proud to declare that they know no Irish.
> Many public notices in Irish are incorrectly spelt or meaningless but that
> doesn't matter because people don't see them.
> They have been turned off Irish by having it badly taught to them in
> school.
> The only people who speak Irish are those who learnt it from their parents.
> Mura bhfuil sí ón gcliabhán agat, níl sí agat ar chor ar bith 'If you
> haven't it [Irish] from the cradle, you haven't it at all].
> Schools in this matter are useless.
> Nicholas
> On 16 Nov 2012, at 11:13, Michael Everson wrote:
> The schools will not save or restore Cornish any more in Cornwall than
> they did in Ireland.
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