[Spellyans] January and other months.

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Lhuyd spells the Cornish for 'January' as genvar AB: 67a and he uses the Gaelic style g.
He uses this same symbol for g in the following words (examples all taken from Jowan Chy an Hordh AB: 251).

trigaz 'dwelling' (trigys)
gyz 'your' (agas)
têg 'fair' (teg) 
ryg 'did' (wrug)
guîl 'to do' (gwil)
varginiaz, vargidniaz 'bargained' (vargynyas)
dhisguedhaz 'showed' (dhysqwedhas)
gûber 'wages' (gober)
urêg 'wife' (wreg).

I think we can be fairly sure that for Lhuyd the word for January had a "hard" G. 
Jenner spells it Genver. 
I can't see any real evidence for *Jenver.


On 23 Nov 2012, at 11:30, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> Does anyone else think that <mis Genver> should be <mis Jenver>?  It's evidently derived from the Latin "month of Janus", and the attestations are mostly from the Late Cornish period.  

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