[Spellyans] January and other months.

Linus Band linusband at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 06:27:09 GMT 2012

> (PS - if etymology is important, as it seems to be for some, then
> shouldn't the modern spelling also have <-ar> to reflect the Latin origin
> and the native spellings?  Or is etymology only to be cited where it suits
> the modern argument?)

The two -*e*-'s in Genver make perfect sense etymologically:
*ianuarius > ianwẹrius *(internal *i*-affection) > *ianwẹr* (apocope) > *
iẹnwẹr* (internal *i*-affection) > > Genver
Does somebody else have at hand what happened to initial *j-*?
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