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I would surmise that ‹scowl› /skɔʊl/ is correct. There is also an Old Breton attestation ‹scubl› which shows a consonant before the /l/ similar to the Welsh ‹f›, probably /v/. The Cornish /o/ rather than /u/ as in Breton and Welsh would be a regular development as well as the vocalisation of /v/ to /w/. Compare the word ‹dowr›…

On Oct 1, 2012, at 1:28 PM, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> The SWF dictionary has <skowl>.  This is wrong.  The vowel is <ou>, not <ow>, the same as <tour> and <Loundres>.
> The only place-name that features it (Treskillard), has: -scul (1327, 1342, 1428); -skul- 1333;  -scul (1356); -skeul- (1490); and -stul (for -skul-, 1566).
> OCV 498 has:  scoul.
> Breton has:  skoul.
> Welsh has: ysgwfl.
> Craig

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